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About eConnectCard

Welcome to eConnectCard – a digital business card for everything you.

My name is Jamie Cubeta and I expect the very best to come from a first impression.

From paper to digital

If you’re visiting this site, most likely you understand the importance of first impressions. We’ve become complacent with the old habits of introductions in which handing over a paper card with a few bits of information is sufficient in today’s ever changing business world. Four years ago while attending a trade show, I was one of many sales associates that were handing out business cards to prospective clients. I realized that my card was no different than any of the other cards given out that evening. The contacts merely glanced at the card, stuffed it into their pocket and left me with a false hope that my card will be viewed again. If my card with a fancy logo and a few social media icons, was just as popular as the next sales associate, then what would be the deciding factor that would ultimately win my service?

Following that day, I started to interview all types of business professionals asking questions regarding how they would like to be perceived from a first impression. The answers all pointed to diversity, experience, and individualism. I concluded by closing the lid on paper cards, and expanding the horizon with today’s technology.

How do we get noticed? What lies between who we truly are, and a sub standard paper card? My vision was clear from that moment on. Not only did I set out to create the 21st Century business ecard, but continued my research to find the most important factors that define us as business professionals. I now feel completely confident sharing my business card knowing that it will never get lost, overlooked, underestimated, or duplicated. I’ve learned so much from the experience of creating digital profiles that I’ve since started another digital card venture www.iDigitallSports.com­ A digital cousin to the traditional sports trading card.

Why is eConnectCard right for you?

  • You can now distinguish yourself from the competition.
  • You will feel assured that your card will not be misplaced.
  • Your contacts will be impressed that you're current with today's technology.
  • You will increase your exposure by sharing your business card on digital platforms.
  • Never again go through the design, ordering and waiting process of paper cards.
  • Ultimately save money from unlimited shares via email, email signature, Qr code, and social networks.

Change is Good



  • Ran out of paper cards?
  • Rushing to the car to find a paper card?
  • Not had a paper card because they were on order?
  • Explained to contacts that your information has changed?
  • Gone into a meeting without paper cards?
  • Met a great contact and didn't have a paper card?

True Fact: After you've become an eConnectCard user, you will never have any of these issues occur. No matter were you are, your econnectcard will follow!



  • Very Limited Space - Just for the ordinary
  • Paper - Easily damaged
  • Loosely Held - No right place to put it
  • Desk Drawer - With 100 other cards
  • Can’t Locate - Not good for when you truly need it
  • Full Wallet Or Purse - Nobody likes a over stash
  • Forget Or Out - Embarrassing Moments
  • Not Linked - Limited options to provide
  • Outdated Design - Time & Money
  • Need To Order - Waiting process with no cards is bad


  • Digital - Modern & Current business practice
  • Mobile / Desktop - Easily Accessible
  • Email Signature - Sending with every mail
  • Save VCard - Easily saved on your desktop
  • Post To Social Networks - Friends and followers connect instantly
  • Qr Code - An advertising must
  • Edit Anytime - Always up to date
  • Unlimited Shares - Never run out of cards
  • Kiosk - Instant connection to your team
  • Unlimited Space - Multi-channels of information

Your Customers Will Agree!

eConnectCard is much more than a business card. It is a complete digital profile connecting your name with your knowledge and experience. Share your contacts, websites, social networks, blogs from one place. Share your expertise. Make it easy for others to quickly recognize your potential and talents. If you make your partners search for you, most likely they will not.

If you would like more information on creating a digital business card please get in touch through my contact page.

Start sharing the truly new you today!

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