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Each eConnectCard is equiped with its own unique QR Code. That's right! When you advertise with your eConnectCard QR Code, prospective customers will view your business card with all the information related to your product.

Company Sign


By adding your unique QR code to a company sign, your customers can easily scan to receive your company card. Even when you're not in the office, or after operating hours, you're still sharing your card. Company yard signs with your Qr Code will help gain more business with passing traffic and neighbors.

Magazine Ads, Brochures and Flyers


Advertising with your QR code can be beneficial in many ways. The public can now scan to receive your company card with links or videos related to your current products or specials. By adding your social networks to the card, prospective customers can connect instantly gaining your business more followers.

Vehicle Ads


Whether your company vehicle has lettering, magnets, or wrapped, its easy to attach your company Qr code. Where your vehicles travel, your econnectcard will follow. Add your Qr code to one vehicle or roll it out to the entire fleet!

Social Media


Each time your post your econnectcard, all your friends and contacts can simply click on the Qr code to receive your card. Business accounts extremely benefit from this feature.



Add your econnectcard QR code to advertising merchandise such as: Company uniforms, hats, coffee mugs, water bottles,etc. Makes a nice gift to your employees!